ZBROIA Kozak .22 Cal Air Rifle


The "KOZAK" has been made by the ZBROIA® Company since December 2014 in Kharkov, Ukraine. It is a pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle. It is made in a semi bull pup configuration with an adjustable cheek piece that adjusts up to 15 mm. The main design criteria of this air gun was accuracy, quality, reliability and ergonomics. The air gun is offered in calibers 4,5 and 5,5 mm (.177’ & .22’). Also, there are two standard barrels and reservoirs of high pressure: 330 mm / 180 cc, 450 mm / 230 cc and 550 mm / 290 cc. The weight of air gun is - 3,0 and 3,1 kg, the length – 710 and 805 mm, accordingly. 

The steel barrel has 12 grooves, and is made by us. The ZBROIA`s barrel has a very effective integrated sound moderator. This air rifle has a build in regulator, which allows for very good shot to shot consistency.