Z-Man Tiny Ticklerz Micro Finesse


A scaled-down version of the popular TRD Ticklerz, the Z-Man Tiny Ticklerz is a stickbait-tube hybrid design that features a solid body for easy rigging and quad tickle tails that come alive underwater to mimic the natural movement of a crawfish. Ideal for a variety of micro finesse applications, this bite-sized morsel performs under tough conditions.

Poured with a 10X Tough Elaztech construction for extreme durability, the highly buoyant material is designed to float off the bottom at rest, and tail tentacles spread apart at a 45-degree angle to produce a tantalizing action and tempt finicky of fish into biting. Featuring a dimpled surface and impregnated with a heavy dose of salt, the Z-Man Tiny Ticklerz offer a natural texture and taste that makes fish hold on longer than other soft plastics.

Length Quantity
1.75" 8