Z-Man Stingerz Micro Finesse


A unique straight-tail shad profile excellent for a variety of micro finesse applications, the Z-Man Stingerz features a thick body that tapers to a thin jointed tail with a bulbous end for incredible undulating action. This bite-sized baitfish imitation appeals to a wide array of species being exceptionally effective for bass, crappie, panfish, perch, trout, and more!

Created specifically for the ‘dock-shooting’ technique, the Z-Man Stingerz are feature a 10X Tough Elaztech construction for exceptional durability, and its extreme elasticity allows anglers to use the stretch of Elaztech to shoot it under docks or overhanging cover. Designed for a lifelike horizontal posture when fished vertically, the highly buoyant material of the Z-Man Stingerz also allows the tail to float off the bottom when at rest!

Length Quantity
2" 8