Xzone Lures Pro Series Muscle Back Craws


The Xzone Lures Muscle Back Craw is packed full of features that will help anglers put more fish in the boat. Crafted with a distinctive cross-ribbed body, as well as, small side leg appendages, this combination of features produces a unique sonic signature and vibration in the water that bass can’t refuse. Its textured claws are also fitted with a cupped outer edge that allows the Muscle Back Craw to provide a very enticing swimming action when used on a variety of rigging techniques as well. Poured with specialized plastic formula that forces the claws to float up when at rest, this allows it to mimic the defensive position of a real crawfish and deliver an ultra lifelike presentation.

Extremely versatile, the Muscle Back Craw can be used for flipping, pitching, punching, Carolina rigging, or as a jig trailer. It is also infused with super fine salt and a special scent formula that adds an extra level of attraction and makes fish hold on longer once they strike. Available in an array of colors to help you match the hatch, the Xzone Lures Muscle Back Craw has what it takes to become your new favorite craw bait.

Warning Prop 65