VooDoo Custom Tackle Candy Bead Jig


The VooDoo Custom Tackle Candy Bead Jig was designed with the Candy Creek Bead Company to create a superior jig with premium components. This colorful jig features Candy Creek's most popular 6 mm glass bead attached to a 2X strong jig hook. It is finished with premium feathers that produce phenomenal action in the water, triggering more strikes from predatory fish. The bead is weighted at the bottom so that the hook always remains upwards. The upward position of the hook reduces the chances of it being snagged between rocks, submersed woods, roots, etc. Make your fishing sessions easier and more productive with this bead jig by Voodoo Custom Tackle!

  • Candy Creek Bead Company 6 mm glass bead
  • Premium feathers and hair
  • Heavy bead keeps the hooks upward
  • 2X strong hook
  • Qty. per Pack: 1