SPRO Carbon Blade Tg Tungsten Blade Bait


The SPRO Carbon Blade TG Tungsten Blade Bait is a versatile lure that you can fish either vertically through the ice or cast on open water. The smart design features a body of carbon fiber and dense tungsten weight. The compact size of this SPRO Blade Bait makes it extremely efficient for getting down quickly and jigging to schools of suspended fish or sending long casts in warmer weather.

Check out these hot paint jobs and finishes to match the baitfish in your area and for approaches to be seen in off-color water. The blade bait is stated to put out an aggressive hunting action no matter how you fish it. If you like to get more bang for your buck, then the SPRO Carbon Blade TG Tungsten Blade Bait is a terrific all-purpose lure to add to your armory.

  • Great for vertical fishing or casting
  • Carbon fiber body and tungsten weight gives extreme castability in a compact size
  • Realistic finishes
  • Aggressive hunting action
  • Qty. per Pack: 1