Sports Professionals Madeye Minnow 120


The MadEye Minnow is the absolute best cold-water trolling walleye bait I have ever used,” said SPRO Pro Rob Ruckman. Ruckman cites the distinctive rolling and wobbling action that allows it to be trolled effectively at speeds as slow as 0.8 miles per hour and big fish profile that offers a meal worth pursuing even in near-freezing water. The unique bill design is tuned to perform well at a variety of depths down to 20 feet. Or, as Ruckman puts it, “ The MadEye Minnow reaches deep water haunts where the big fish play.

  • Loud knocking sound
  • Moves water with rolling action
  • Size: 120 mm
  • Weight: 1/2 oz.
  • Achieves depths of 20 feet with 100 feet of 10lb. test mono
  • Hooks: Three Gamakatsu #4 (47108) Bronze Round Bend Trebles