Roboworm Sculpins


A highly effective blend of versatility, action, and an inviting profile, the Roboworm Sculpins will catch just about any species of predator in any waterway. Relying on a proven, sculpin-style body type, they appeal to an incredibly wide variety of fish to keep your rod more consistently bent. They start with a detailed head that sports molded eyes and gills before transitioning to a lifelike lateral line pattern that terminates with a lively quivering tail. In addition to the irresistible profile, the Sculpins also employ Roboworm’s Salt Release System that leeches flavorful salt in the water to expand your strike zone and implore the bass to hang on longer when they strike. Available in some of Roboworm’s most effective color patterns, the Roboworm Sculpins will help put a limit in the boat in even the most challenging conditions.

Length Quantity
4" 8


Warning Prop 65