Muddy Tree Multi-Hanger

  • SIZE: Large (23")
  • Keep your bow and all your accessories organized and within easy reach!
  • INSTALLATION: Easily screws into tree
  • Unique hanger allows you to hang all of your gear while in your stand
  • Main hook is vinyl coated and large enough to handle virtually any bow
  • Arm pivots open allowing any desired position
  • Compact and lightweight for easy backpacking and storage
  • Easy, quiet access to all accessories and bow
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 20lbs.
  • ASSEMBLY: No tools required


  • Hanging bows, calls and other gear while in treestands
  • Keeping gear off of the ground and within easy reach while turkey hunting
  • Hanging lanterns or other items around campsites
  • Hanging bird feeders
  • Tools in the garage
  • Extra closet storage