Lake Effect Lure Co. Eye Sickle Walleye Ice Rod


Alright, alright...we did it ok? It's here! The Lake Effect EYE SICKLE is finally available! Our medium/medium light action graphite rod makes for superior performance on all sizes of walleye and other predatory species. This jigging rod is a perfect all-around sport ice fishing rod that combines sensitivity and power to ensure that you get the most out of each battle, and to enhance the number of fish you land. 

* Medium/Medium-Light Graphite Blank! Light weight, with high performance allows for anglers to enjoy all battles and feel every bite!
*Size 3 & 5 Fly Guides guides prevent ice-buildup in harshest conditions!
*LE custom grip - including cork handle with logo-burn and large ELITE burn.
*Medium/ Medium-Light Action Dialed Sizes 32”- 36"