HS Strut Tone Tough Diaphragm Turkey Call


Tone Tough turkey mount calls create the perfect pressure and assist with placement in the caller’s mouth for easier calling. Orange tape with Premium Flex frame and Infinity Latex make for durable, long-lasting calls that produce consistent tones.

  • Split V II features two thin reeds with a Split V cut for great yelps, cutts, clucks and purrs.
  • Split V III features three ultra-thin reeds with a Split V cut for higher volume yelps, cuts, clucks and purrs.
  • Raspy Old Hen features two reeds with Double Split top reed for raspy yelps and soft calls. Great for beginners.
  • Cutt’n 2.5 features two and one-half reeds for a versatile call range with great kee-kees, cutts and yelps.
  • Double D features two thin reeds for consistent performance with high pitch. Great for beginners.