HS Rack Jack Rattle Device

The DOD Rack Jack rattle devise is a 2-part rattle device designed for and approved by the Drury Outdoors Team. This 2-part design is unique in the fact that it is inclusive within itself. The ram is contained inside the barrel. Produced with opposing polymers the contrast in materials replicate the different sounds of 2 rival bucks. Operated aggressively results in those initial battle engagements, then operated slowly replicates realistic sparring sounds. The open-ended barrel allows the directional ability to cast the sound in different directions. With the Rack Jack's unique design and low profile you can quickly and quietly stow it away. Contained within itself with a snap lock renders the Rack Jack silent for quiet carry. Rack the Jack! 

  • Unique cylindrical injection molded device with a rod type ram with cylindrical rings.
  • Creates the sound of two battling bucks by the friction between the two.
  • The rod snaps tight into the cylinder for quiet carry.
  • Compact design that is held together by a cord that allows the function but not removal.