Hawk Helium Ultra Lite Hang On Tree Stand

The Perfect Hang & Hunt Stand! 

Weight: 11lbs

Compatible w/ Hawk Cruzr Bracket

Pressure Relieving Memory Foam Seat

 Ultra-plush seat for all-day comfort 

Adjustable Seat

Lightweight Aluminum Construction

 Perfect for mobile hunting when paired with our Helium Sticks 

Fully Adjustable Platform

Platform Size: 20" W x 24" Deep 

Attaches with 1 Silent Pull Tight Strap & 1 Ratchet Strap

stable design keeps you secure 

Premium Teflon Washers

keeps your stand quiet

 Weight Rating

300 lbs.

Included In Package: 

(1) Ratchet Strap

(1) Pull Tight Strap

(1) Full Body Safety Harness w/ Tree Strap

(1) Lineman's Climbing Strap

(1) Pair of Backpack Straps