Gambler Chunk Trailer Bait


The Gambler Chunk Trailer is an ideal addition to your favorite jig, spinnerbait, buzzbait, and more. A premium way to add some bulk to your presentation, the Gambler Chunk Trailer offers a meaty section of plastic that is tough enough to stay firmly secured to your hook and helps to increase your bait's footprint in the water. Protruding from the body is a pair of claws that enthusiastically flap and wave as your bait is dragged, hopped, or swam along the bottom. Additionally, a generous amount of dimpling is included on the appendages to create and trap air bubbles as well as provide a more lifelike mouth feel for any curious bass. An outstanding way to add bulk and action to your favorite baits, the Gambler Chunk Trailer is a versatile performer that excels all season long.

Size Length Quantity
Junior 2-3/4" 7
Standard 3-1/2" 6


Warning Prop 65