FX Integrated Harmonic Barrel Tuner for Impact


The FX Integrated Harmonic Barrel Tuner offers both dampening and tuning features that will have you obtaining new heights of accuracy from your FX Airgun. The shroud of the Harmonic Barrel Tuner first works to dampen the barrel, making the harmonic signature of the barrel quieter, more subdued, and controllable.

The finishing touch is found in the integrated rotating running weight located on the end of the shroud. Made from a specifically selected metallic alloy, this allows the running weight to have enough mass to affect the weight distribution of the overall barrel system. Shooters will find that even the smallest amount of rotating adjustment of the tuner weight by only a few thousands of an inch can change how your gun shoots groups, especially when shooting medium to long range distances.

500 mm – Art no: 20592

600 mm – Art no: 20593

700 mm – Art no: 20594