Fish Lab Guppy Blade Bait


Enhance your fishing game with the FishLab Guppy Blade Bait! This vibrating bait is designed to imitate a small fish, triggering predatory instincts in bass and other species. Available in seven colors and three sizes, this life-like blade bait has two distinct line tie points that you can adjust for action - perfect when casting or vertical presentations are needed. So, take on bigger catches today by adding the powerful addition of the Guppy Blade Baits to your arsenal!

  • Available in seven dazzling bait fish colors
  • Features 2 separate tow points for vertical or casting presentations.
  • Large belly to assist casting distance
  • The most life like blade bait on the market
  • 1.5" Pre-rigged with Owner ST size 16 Treble Hooks
  • 2" Pre-rigged with Owner ST size 8 Treble Hooks
  • 2.25" Pre-rigged with Owner ST size 6 Treble Hooks