Bomber Jointed Wake Minnow Wakebait


No need to modify an expensive minnow lure in order to have a deadly wake bait at the ready. Bomber has done that for you! The Bomber® Jointed Wake Minnow is designed to create that hypnotic, wake-producing swim – proven to trigger monster strikes from big reds, stripers, and bass –while moving at moderate speed just under the surface. Its rolling, swishing dance is the same as you've seen on pricey custom baits, but it comes ready to work its magic straight out of the package, at a fraction of the price. Sleeper tactic: crank the Jointed Wake Minnow down, speed up the retrieve, then vary speeds on the way in to produce a broken wake and subsurface commotion that no predator can ignore. 3D body with a beautiful high-def finish; premium hardware throughout. A definite big-fish lure!

  • Deadly subsurface shallow runner
  • Hypnotic, wake-producing swim
  • Same action as custom modified baits
  • Irresistible on redfish, stripers, and bass
  • 3D body and beautiful high-def finish
  • Premium hardware