Blakemore Randy's Swim'n Runner

The brain child of Bassmaster Classic Champion, Randy Howell, the Blackmore Randy’s Swim’n Runner delivers a combination of flash, vibration, and action that anglers and bass will both love. Built with a unique, L-shaped head, the Blakemore Randy’s Swim’n Runner features a premium ball bearing swivel and a super-bright willow blade that work together to grab the attention of any nearby bass. 

Offered with two hard-thumping swimbaits, the Blakemore Randy’s Swim’n Runner comes pre-rigged and ready-to-fish right out of the package. Armed with a razor-sharp Daiichi hook, the Blakemore Randy’s Swim’n Runner provides a triple threat of flash, vibration, and shad-shaped attraction that will put your culling system to the test.