Berkley PowerBait Agent E


The PowerBait® Agent E is the latest creation from Bassmaster Classic® and MLF Bass Pro Tour Champion Edwin Evers! The bottom dwelling Agent E swimbait has an ultra-low center of gravity and skids along the bottom to imitate lifelike bottom dwelling prey. The built-in rattle provides that extra enticement for extra strikes! Edwin's custom designed hook-keeper sheds the nastiest grass and debris while easily collapsing to hook the slightest bites. The side-to-side kicking action drives attention even at the slowest speeds as it skids, crawls, hops, and slides its way in the hardest to reach places. Built tough with flavor packed PowerBait material ensuring you have the chance set the hook on every bite. Edwin says, \"Fish this bait like a skirted bass jig or on a fast retrieve as a mid-water column swimbait.