Bagley Diving Balsa B Crankbait


When the offshore cranking bite heats up, it’s time to grab the Diving Balsa B. The Heat Compression Molding (HCM) process consistently produces the highest quality balsa crankbaits available. The Diving Balsa B comes out of the box “ready to fish”. Featuring highly buoyant Balsa B body, this deep diving bait has a wide search and hunt action as it swims, making it perfect for throwing over deep structure, weed edges and rocky points.

Length Weight Depth Hooks
2'' 7/16 oz 6-8' 2

You can feel the crankbait's action thumping in your rod tip, so use the medium tackle and 10 to 15 pound test. Fish 6-10 feet depth, cracking the bait's weighted lip off hard, rocky bottoms to replicate feeding baitfish and draw predators.

Length Weight Depth Hooks
2.5'' 1/2 oz 8-10' 2

Deeper depth calls for 12-15 pound test used with medium tackle. Use the rapid plunge to reach fish hanging by drop-offs or deep shorelines, balancing balsa buoyancy, water-pushing lip and medium retrieve to create a strong wobble.