Arbogast Jitterbug


What's that dancing and causing a commotion at the surface of the water? It's the irresistible Arbogast Jitterbug! The Jitterbug is a respected topwater lure proven to catch bass, pike, and other gamefish. Incredibly deadly when fished at night, it also ignites explosive strikes throughout the day. The Jitterbug features a unique double-cupped lip that produces a loud, rhythmic sound as it busts through the surface to entice fish to strike. There's a reason why anglers have used the Jitterbug for over 50 years; it simply catches fish!

  • Respected topwater lure
  • Double cupped lip produces loud sounds
  • Proven fish catcher
  • Irresistible to bass, pike, musky, panfish
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

Please note: The images represent the color of each lure and do not represent how each size looks.