Allen Titan SlideGuide Crossbow Sled


The Titan™ SlideGuide Crossbow Sled by Allen has many features and benefits over other crossbow cocking sleds on the market. First, we engineered it to fit as many crossbow rail designs as we could so you are not limited to a single sized width. Second, the use of the rail’s groove will keep the sled aligned as you pull the sled up. In addition to the sled design is the self-aligning guide spring system that runs along the side of the Crossbow rails to keep the sled perfectly aligned during movement. These two physical features work in tandem to keep your sled balanced and in perfect contact with the crossbow, which makes cocking easy. You'll find it takes less physical force to cock the crossbow with the Titan™ SlideGuide with its friction-reducing materials and design. Finally, with the silicone over-molded handles you’ll feel confident you won’t lose grip halfway through the pull.

  • Quickly and Safely Cocks Most Crossbow Types
  • Designed for standard limb crossbows with rail widths between 1-3/8” to 1-9/16”
  • Slides Up Crossbow Rails Like it's on Air
  • Compact Design Stores in Pocket Easily
  • Free-Glide Springs Slide Along Most Rail Widths
  • Rated for Bows up to 185lbs
  • Not appropriate for reverse limb crossbows like the Horton Vision 175