Aftco Men's Reaper Tactical Sweatshirt


Combining our popular Reaper with our popular Tactical Camouflage is an obvious step for us. Camo reaper was a hit, but then we released Mossy Oak reaper that took over that market. Now is digital camos time. A digital camo hoodie with the facemask? Heck yea! 

Same great features as our best selling Reaper, but in the tactical camo pattern. Coming in three colors, you can dial in your choice while enjoying the standard features such as built in facemask, a 100% bonded polyester fleece and pocket closures for the front pouch pocket. 

  • 100% Poly Bonded Microfleece
  • Hood Shock Cord cinch stopper, integrated vented facemask
  • Block Tapey™ pocket closure
  • Lasercut vented underarm
  • AFGUARD stain release

Integrated Vented Facemask

Facemask and neck warmer provides extra warmth and concealment.

Shockcord Cinch

Designed specifically for both bass fishing and saltwater fisherman when running in boats at high speeds.

Block Tapey Pocket

Enclosures that close and open quietly for added stealth.