Acme V-Rod Blade Bait


The ACME V-Rod Blade Bait supplies good vibrations as well as the Beach Boys. And while A-Rod bashed his way to baseball fame, the V-Rod Blade Bait is doing the same in the fishing world. The ACME V-Rod features an all-steel frame with a lead injection molding body to create a bait that will catch you fish, period! ABS plastic coverings provide durability and sharp paint finishes add hyper-realism to this thumper. Do you want more realism? The 3-D molded eyes add further appeal to the V-Rod Blade Bait movements.
The V-Rod could very well be the new standard for open water vibe baits. Three choices of line ties change up the movement of the bait. Cast it, retrieve it, vertical jig it to create the ultimate baitfish presentation. The baits the V-Rod offers can improve anyone's fishing game! Feel the vibe with ACME V-Rod Blade Baits!

  • High carbon Japanese steel treble hooks
  • Triple line ties assist the desired action
  • Unparalleled paint finishes
  • 3-D molded eyes
  • Qty. per Pack: 1