13 Fishing Poppy Mc Pop Face


There’s nothing more exciting than a topwater bite and the 13 Fishing Poppy Mc Pop Face delivers everything you could ever ask for in terms of performance and value, making it the ultimate popper. Featuring a precision internal tail weighting system and a large cupped mouth, the 13 Fishing Poppy Mc Pop Face provides excellent casting distance and it sits perfectly horizontal on the surface, which allows the cupped mouth to produce a loud chug and popping splash with each twitch of the rod tip. It is also balanced to make walking the dog incredibly easy, giving anglers the power of two baits in one.

For a more realistic appearance, the 13 Fishing Poppy Mc Pop Face is built with 3D eyes, gill plates, checkered scales, and covered in a high definition paint finish that provides an incredibly lifelike appearance. It also features a hand-tied feather treble on the rear for added flair and a subtle secondary action during each pause. Armed with sticky sharp VMC hooks that will increase your hook up ratio, the 13 Fishing Poppy Mc Pop Face will become a staple in every anglers arsenal.

13 Fishing Length Weight Class Hook
Poppy Mc Pop Face 3" 5/8oz Topwater #4