13 Fishing Loco Special Jerkbait


After years of research and development with the input of top level pros, the 13 Fishing Loco Special Jerkbait offers precision tuned performance that generates a lifelike baitfish action fish can’t resist. Internally, the 13 Fishing Loco Special Jerkbait is engineered with a weight transfer system, which allows two ball bearings to shift into the tail for extremely long and accurate casts, then slide forward to keep that bait perfectly balanced during the retrieve. Its tapered body shape and sharp bill design also produce an erratic darting action with each twitch of the rod that accurately mimics a baitfish in distress and triggers bass to strike out of pure instinct. 

Not only does the 13 Fishing Loco Special Jerkbait produce a superior action, but it is also covered in lifelike details like HD holographic eyes and an ultra high definition paint finish that bring it to life in the water. Outfitted with premium hardware as well, it is armed with three Mustad KVD Elite Triple Grip treble hooks that provide the highest hooking and fishing landing ratio. Offered in a wide selection of colors, the 13 Fishing Loco Special Jerkbait delivers next-level performance that will make all of your other jerkbaits obsolete. 

13 Fishing Length Weight Depth
Loco Jerkbait 3-5' 4.25"  9/16oz 3-5ft
Loco Jerkbait 6-9' 4.25"  9/16oz 6-9ft


Warning Prop 65