13 Fishing Gordito Crankbait


The perfect little nugget of fish catching excellence, the 13 Fishing Gordito Crankbait is a deadly crankbait that will put fish in the boat for anglers 365 days a year. Featuring a wide head and tapered tail design, the 13 Fishing Gordito Crankbait produces a wide wobble and aggressive side-to-side hunting action, which is what avid anglers look for in a premium crankbait because they know that is what catches the most fish. It also features a fixed internal weighting system that is positioned to make longer and more accurate casts so anglers can quickly cover more water.

Ready to fish right out of the box, the 13 Fishing Gordito Crankbait comes equipped with premium VMC chemically sharpened black nickel treble hooks that delivering lightning fast hook sets and an increased fish landing ratio. Finished with a set of 3D eyes and a lifelike paint finish, the 13 Fishing Gordito Crankbait is one that you should never leave the dock without.

13 Fishing Length Weight Depth Hook
Gordito Crankbait 2" 2/3oz 7ft #6


Warning Prop 65